The Benefits of Shopping Local


Did you know that 20% of the sales tax from every purchase made in the Village of Hoffman Estates goes back to funding critical services like fire, public safety, snow removal and health services? While it may seem like a small amount, that 20% adds up over time and makes a big difference. Your support of our local businesses helps to keep our local economy vital and thriving. Many residents are unaware that Hoffman Estates is home to many of the big box retailers and grocery chains that are also available in neighboring communities. Often residents are driving further away to get to one of those retailers when a Hoffman Estates based retail location is nearby.

Additionally, Hoffman Estates is fortunate to be home to a myriad of other locally owned retail stores and restaurants. When you shop at locally owned establishments, 68% of the money you spend stays in Hoffman Estates!  Furthermore, small businesses are the largest employers in the country which means that there are many opportunities to grow jobs in the region right in our own backyard.  These small businesses not only employ our friends and family members, but they are also avid supporters of local initiatives like youth sports, educational programs and so much more.

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Top 5 Reasons to Shop Local


1. Shopping in Hoffman Estates creates good jobs. These jobs benefit your family, friends and neighbors. These people also tend to put their money back into the community.

2. Better service! Local businesses know local people.

3. Investing in the community. Local businesses support Hoffman Estate’s schools, churches, and other community groups. Spending your money at a local business is an investment in Hoffman Estates.

4. Staying close to home helps save on travel time and fuel expenses. This saves you money, gives you more free time and is better for the environment.

5. Hoffman Estates has variety. With such a wide range of businesses in Hoffman Estates there isn’t much you can’t find in your own back yard! 

For a complete list of businesses in Hoffman Estates click here!

If you are a business owner or considering locating your business in Hoffman Estates please visit the Shop Local Business Toolkit page for valuable information. For more information contact the Director of Economic Development, Kevin Kramer at 847-781-2662, or by email at

Bombay Chopsticks cooking up hybrid of Indian-Chinese food 

Eating Local also benefits the community by keeping jobs in the Village. Click here to read a ABC 7 article and video about local restaurant Bombay Chopsticks.

Joyce Miller recently celebrated her 25th anniversary working at the Jewel in Hoffman Estates. She's one of seven employees at the store who have worked there at least that long. (Kate Thayer/Tribune)

Long-Time Employees Reflect on Decades of Life with Jewel

Shopping Local benefits the community by keeping jobs in the Village. Click here to read a Trib Local article about long-time employees at your local Hoffman Estates Jewel where seven employees have worked for 25+ years.